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Android Intro

First steps with the Barikoi Location Library for Android

The Barikoi Location Library for Android is our location search library for Android. This guide will walk you through installing the Barikoi Location Libraryfor Android with Android Studio, loading a map, changing the map's style, and placing a pin on it.

Getting started

Here's what you'll need to get started:

  • A Barikoi account and access token. Sign up for an account here. You can find your access tokens on your Account page.

  • Android Studio. You can download Android Studio for free from Google. In order to install the Barikoi Location Library for Android, you'll need to first download Android Studio and create a project with an empty activity.

  • An Android device (physical or virtual). You will need either a physical Android device or an emulated Android device to preview the store finder.

  • Google Play Developer Account (optional). If you want to publish your app to Google Play, you'll need a Google Play developer account. Without one, you'll still be able to preview the app on an Android Virtual Device (AVD) or install the app on a physical device.